Breakfast/Brunch till 11:30am—  Gluten Free bread available, Meals can be made vegan to order – just advise

Fruit Bread (2) buttered    $4.50

Sour Dough Toast (2) buttered w jam/Vegemite/honey/peanut butter $6.00

Mini Breakfast 1 bacon, poached or fried egg, tomato, mushroom on       toasted Panini bread        $12.50

Maxi Breakfast 2 bacon, 2 poached or fried eggs, tomato, mushroom, toasted panini bread, tomato relish        $20.00

Vegetarian Grill—tomato, mushrooms, spinach, haloumi on toasted panini bread w 2 fried eggs $17.00

Floating Eggs rich tomato sauce w capsicum, red  onion, chorizo OR mushroom, fetta, yoghurt, 2 eggs, dukkah, served in sizzling iron pot w toasties $17.00

Avocado Brunch – 1/2 Avo on potato/sweet potato Roesti, marinated capsicum, poached egg, Halloumi, dukkah & zaatar sprinkles GF $20.00

Smoked Salmon Brunch on toasted panini bread w poached egg,     avocado cream, chives $16.00

Decadent Eggs our creamy scrambled eggs on sourdough topped  with cream fraiche (cultured cream) and black caviar & chives $18.00

Eggs Florentine 2 poached eggs on wilted English spinach with warm hollandaise on panini bread $12.50

Eggs Benny 2 poached eggs on  Smoked Salmon OR Ham OR  Bacon with warm hollandaise on toasted panini bread $18.00

Vegan Stack eggplant zucchini, pumpkin, spinach, capsicum, quinoa, avo,  balsamic on toasted panini $18.00

Bacon & Egg Roll  2 rashers of bacon, 1 egg, sauce on toasted panini $11.00

BLT: 2 rashers of Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato on toasted Panini (add avocado for $4) $13.50

Extra’s: Scrambled Eggs $5: Poached/Fried Egg $3 Avo $4; Bacon $4 rasher; Smoked Salmon $6, Halloumi $6 all other $4




Only $85 with all you need to pick up and go!

Ask about our DISCOVER EDEN PICNIC BAG!! $85 for a 2 person picnic adventure

A cooler bag full of chilled seafood delights including local mussels and oysters, Crystal Bay tiger prawns and Balmain bugs, along with fresh salad, freshly baked baguettes and all the condiments, and accessories to grab and go!

Plus we have ensured that the more than 90% of the packaging is FOGO friendly or recyclable.

Piattini/Mezze Plates—All $12.50 per plate

Pea & Asparagus Arancini Balls (4) (veg/vgn) served with tomato relish

Lamb Shank Arancini Balls (4) served with mayo and tomato relish

Cajun Spiced Crumbed Chicken Tenders w Aioli (3)

Bruschetta (2) traditional tomato with pickled Spanish onion, basil highlights and balsamic driz

8 Salt & Szechaun Pepper squid with lime mayo

Gourmet Rolls & Burgers—add chips for $3.50  on same plate

The Donovan: Turkish bread w rare rump, smoked ham, dill pickle, slaw, cheese, mustards       $15.00

The Philadelphia Cheese Steak: Thinly sliced rump steak grilled w onions, cheese and jalapeño        $15.00

Bacon & Egg Roll                    $11.00

BLT: Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato on Panini (add avocado for $4) $13.50

Grilled Prawn & Salad Panini $15.00

Avocado & Salad Panini (can be Vegan—just ask….) $15.00

Ham & Salad Panini $12.50

Grilled Veg & Fetta Panini with balsamic, baby spinach and alfalfa sprouts.. can be vegan $15.00

Crumbed Mushroom Burger with Lettuce, onion, Marinated capsicum and vegan mayo (vegan if requested) $15.00

Smoked Salmon with cream cheese, red onion, cucumber and salad greens $15.00

Beef Burger with melted cheese, marinated capsicum, onion, dill pickle, lettuce on milk bun $12.50

Aussie Beef Burger w Bacon, Egg, Cheese, Tomato, Lettuce, Beetroot, Sauce $18.00

Greek “Bifteki” open burger—Lamb Kofta patty with Mediterranean salad, yogurt $18.00

Southern Fried Chicken burger with red onion, salad mix, spicy chili mayo on milk bun $15.00

Duck burger—duck patty seasoned with cranberry and fennel, fresh slaw with garlic aioli $15.00

Vegan/Vegetarian Dishes—Please state if you are vegan

Bean Nachos (mild) w guac, salsa, sour cream (gf)         $15.00

Stuffed Mushroom with quinoa and veg (vgn) (gf)                  $12.50

Vegan Stack eggplant zucchini, pumpkin, spinach, capsicum, quinoa, avocado and balsamic on Turkish                 $15.00

Grilled Veg & Fetta Panini with balsamic, baby spinach and alfalfa sprouts.. can be vegan $15.00

Crumbed Mushroom Burger with Lettuce, onion, marinated capsicum and vegan mayo $15.00

Haloumi, Pumpkin Salad with spinach with marinated capsicum, pepitas and pickled red onion $15.00

Seafood Dishes (subject to availability)

Garlic Prawns In Olive Oil, lemon and Bega butter sauce with rice (gf) or toasted bread   $20.00

Moroccan Prawn Salad with lime buttered prawns, mixed salad lime butter dressing   $20.00

Fish Nachos—Mexi spiced local fish grilled w corn chips, lettuce, salsa, guac (gf)   $20.00

Local Fish of the Day with chips and salad, dressing, lemon house tartare (can be gf) $24.00

Fish and Chips—crumbed local fish with chips and house tartare and lemon $20.00

Calamari and chips—crumbed local squid (9) served with garlic aioli and lemon $18.00

Fishermans Basket—1 piece crumbed fish, 2 crumbed prawn cutlets, 3 crumbed calamari with         chips, lemon and tartare sauce (all freshly crumbed w local fish and calamari) $22.00

Eden Mussels Bowl w either spicy tomato sauce OR Cream, Garlic White Wine sauce                   and toasties $20.00

Local Oysters:

4 Fresh local oysters natural $12.00

4 Fresh local oysters—salsa  OR  lemon mayo OR Wakame Seaweed & Lime dressing $14.00

4 Cooked local oysters—Kilpatrick OR Mornay OR  Chilli tomato $14.00

Seafood Platter (small) includes crumbed local fish, 3 calamari, 1 Balmain bug, $45.00

fresh prawns, 2 oysters natural, chips, salad and sauces

Seafood Platter (large) crumbed local fish, 6 calamari, 2 Balmain bug, $80.00

fresh prawns, 4 oysters natural, chips, salad and sauces

Meat Dishes

African Beef Stew Peanut Butter & Tomato Base w Rice  (not spicy) (gf) $12.50

Thai Beef Salad with chili (optional), onion, cucumber and lettuce, fried shallots $15.00

Katsu Chicken: panko crumbed chicken tenders with warm Asian Veg. BBQ & Kewpie                 dressing fried shallots $18.00

Curry of the day served with rice, papadums, roti and raita $18.00

Sides  (served separate to meal)

Garlic Bread $5.00

Garden Salad (S) $5.00 (L)  $8.00

Potato Chips (s) $4.00 (L) $7.00

Kids Meals—available on request for Under 12’s

Fresh fish pieces w chips n sauce $10.00 Toasted Turkish with cheese and tomato $10.00

Cheeseburger $12..00 Fresh Chicken pieces w chips n sauce $10..00

Meatballs in tomato sauce w chips $10.00


Sweet Things & Desserts

Affogato—Espresso, Vanilla Ice cream and Pedro Ximenez $20.00

Ice cream with Topping (2 Scoops) $6.00

Or check out the cake bar  from $3












Please note that our menu changes regularly so some items on the menu will not be available at certain times.