Breakfast/Brunch till 11:30am—  Gluten Free bread available

Stone Ground Fruit & Nut Bread (Wild Rye) (2) buttered with honey         $7.00

Turkish Toast buttered w  jam/vegemite/honey/peanut butter    $5.00

Mini Breakfast 1 Rasher of bacon, egg, tomato and mushroom on ½ toasted Panini       $12.50

Maxi Breakfast 2 Rashers bacon, 2 eggs, tomato, mushroom, toasted Turkish, tomato relish $20.00

Vegetarian Grill—tomato, mushrooms, spinach, haloumi on 1/2 panini with 2 fried eggs $16.00

Floating Eggs rich tomato sauce w capsicum, red  onion, chorizo OR mushroom, fetta, yoghurt, 2 eggs, dukkah, served in sizzling iron pot with Turkish toast $16.00

Avocado Brunch – Smashed Avo on Turkish w marinated capsicum, poached egg, dukkah $15.00

Smoked Salmon  Brunch on ½ toasted panini with poached egg $15.00

Eggs Florentine 2 poached eggs on wilted English spinach with warm hollandaise on Turkish $12.50

Eggs Benny 2 poached eggs on Smoked Salmon or Ham or Bacon with warm hollandaise on Turkish $18.00

Vegan Stack eggplant zucchini, pumpkin, spinach, capsicum, quinoa, avo,balsamic on Turkish  (can be GF) $18.00

Bacon & Egg Roll  2 rashers of bacon, 1 egg, sauce $11.00

BLT: 2 rashers of Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato on Panini (add avocado for $4) $13.50

Fresh Orange Juice $8.00

Extra’s: Scrambled Eggs $5: Poached/Fried Egg $3 Avo $4; Bacon $4 rasher; Smoked Salmon $5, all other $4


Piattini/Mezze Plates—All $12.50 per plate

Pea & Asparagus Arancini Balls (4) (veg/vgn) served with tomato relish

Lamb Shank Arancini Balls (4) served with mayo and tomato relish

Cajun Spiced Crumbed Chicken Tenders w Aioli (3)

Bruschetta (2) traditional tomato with pickled Spanish onion, basil highlights and balsamic driz

8 Salt & Szechaun Pepper squid with lime mayo

Gourmet Rolls & Burgers—add chips for $3.50  on same plate

The Donovan: Turkish bread w rare rump, smoked ham, dill pickle, slaw, cheese, mustards       $15.00

The Philadelphia Cheese Steak: Thinly sliced rump steak grilled w onions, cheese and jalapeño        $15.00

Bacon & Egg Roll                    $11.00

BLT: Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato on Panini (add avocado for $4) $13.50

Grilled Prawn & Salad Panini $15.00

Avocado & Salad Panini (can be Vegan—just ask….) $15.00

Ham & Salad Panini $12.50

Grilled Veg & Fetta Panini with balsamic, baby spinach and alfalfa sprouts.. can be vegan $15.00

Crumbed Mushroom Burger with Lettuce, onion, Marinated capsicum and vegan mayo $15.00

Smoked Salmon with cream cheese, red onion, cucumber and salad greens $15.00

Beef Burger with melted cheese, capsicum, onion, dill pickle, lettuce on milk bun $12.50

Aussie Beef Burger w Bacon, Egg, Cheese, Tomato, Lettuce, Beetroot, Sauce $18.00

Greek “Bifteki” open burger—Lamb Kofta patty with Mediterranean salad, yogurt $18.00

Southern Fried Chicken burger with red onion, salad mix, spicy chili mayo on milk bun $15.00

Duck burger—duck patty seasoned with cranberry and fennel, fresh slaw with garlic aioli $15.00

SATURDAY POP UP BURGER BAR from Midday till 7:30pm

Donovan: w rump, smoked ham, dill pickle, slaw, cheeses, mustards on panini     $15.00

The Philadelphia CheeseSteak: sliced rump steak grilled w onions, cheese & jalapeño on panini         $15.00

The Little Cheese beef patty, double cheese, sauce on milk bun               $12.00

Beef Burger w cheese, capsicum, onion, dill pickle, lettuce,  mayo & sauce, milk bun  $12.50

Lava Burger  beef patty, cheese, golden syrup bacon, peanut butter sauce on milk bun  $18.00

Australian Beef Burger w beef, bacon, egg, cheese, lettuce, tomato, beetroot, sauce, milk bun  $18.00

The Big Cheese Burger 2 beef patties, triple cheese, Garlic Aoili on Milk Bun  $20.00

Greek “Bifteki” (open) Lamb Kofta patty w Mediterranean salad, tzatsiki on milk bun  $18.00

Southern Fried Chicken burger w red onion, rocket, salad mix, chili mayo on milk bun  $15.00

Grilled Chicken Breast Burger w cheese, iceberg, tomato, cucumber, mayo on milk bun  $15.00

Duck Burger duck patty seasoned with cranberry & fennel, coleslaw w aioli on milk bun  $15.00

Eden Ocean Perch Burger w iceberg, cucumber, red onion and hollandaise sauce on milk bun  $15.00

Prawn Burger spicy king prawns with lettuce, capsicum, carrot and chilli mayo on milk bun  $20.00


Veg Burgers:

Mushroom Burger crumbed field mushroom, caramelised onions, marinated capsicum, spinach and alfalfa sprouts  $15.00

Grilled Vegetable & Fetta (optional) Burger grilled zuchinni, sweet potato, eggplant, pumpkin, onions, capsicum and mixed lettuce leaves  $15.00


GF Options include—on GF Bread or on a large mushroom or bread free or on a bed of corn chips




Seafood Dishes (subject to availability)

Garlic Prawns In Olive Oil, lemon and Bega butter sauce with rice (gf) or toasted bread   $20.00

Moroccan Prawn Salad with seasoned prawns, fresh salad lime butter dressing       $20.00

Fish Nachos—Mexi spiced local fish grilled w corn chips, lettuce, salsa, guac (gf)   $20.00

Local Fish of the Day with chips and salad, house tartare (can be gf) $24.00

Fish and Chips—crumbed local fish with chips and house tartare $20.00

Calamari (9) and chips $18.00

Eden Mussels Bowl w either spicy tomato sauce OR Cream, Garlic White Wine sauce $20.00

Local Oysters:

4 Fresh local oysters natural $12.00

4 Fresh local oysters—salsa, lemon mayo OR Wakame  Seaweed & Lime dressing $14.00

4 Cooked local oysters—Kilpatrick OR Mornay OR Chilli tomato $14.00

Seafood Platter (small) includes crumbed local fish, 3 calamari, 1 Balmain bug, $45.00

fresh prawns, 2 oysters natural, chips, salad and sauces

Seafood Platter (large) crumbed local fish, 6 calamari, 2 Balmain bug, $80.00

fresh prawns, 4 oysters natural, chips, salad and sauces


Meat Dishes

African Beef Stew Peanut Butter & Tomato Base w Rice  (not spicy) (gf) $12.50

Thai Beef Salad with chili (optional), onion, cucumber and lettuce, fried shallots $15.00

Katsu Chicken: panko crumbed with warm Asian Veg and BBQ/Kewpie dressing $18.00

Turkish Fatoush Lamb Salad with yoghurt dressing and pomegranate pearls $18.00

Vegan/Vegetarian Dishes—Please state if you are vegan

Bean Nachos (mild) w guac, salsa, sour cream (gf) $12.50

Stuffed Mushroom with quinoa and veg (vgn) (gf) $12.50

Vegan Stack eggplant zucchini, pumpkin, spinach, capsicum, quinoa, avocado and balsamic on Turkish $15.00

Grilled Veg & Fetta Panini with balsamic, baby spinach and alfalfa sprouts.. can be vegan $15.00

Crumbed Mushroom Burger with Lettuce, onion, marinated capsicum and vegan mayo $15.00

Haloumi, pumpkin and spinach salad $15.00


Sides  (served separate to meal)

Garlic Bread $5.00

Garden Salad (S) $5.00 (L)  $8.00

Potato Chips (s) $4.00 (L) $7.00


Kids Meals—available on request for Under 12’s

Fresh fish pieces w chips n sauce $10.00 Toasted Turkish with cheese and tomato $10.00

Cheeseburger $12..00 Fresh Chicken pieces w chips n sauce $10..00

Meatballs in tomato sauce w chips $10.00

Sweet Things & Desserts

Affogato—Espresso, Vanilla Ice cream and Pedro Ximenez $20.00

Ice cream with Topping (2 Scoops) $6.00

Or check out the cake bar







Please note that our menu changes regularly so some items on the menu will not be available at certain times.